Kikkoman Fresh Soy Sauce, Easy Squeeze Bottle, 200ml

Kikkoman Fresh Soy Sauce, Easy Squeeze Bottle, 200ml

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A bottle of authentic Japanese dark soy sauce that you can find in every restaurant and home across Japan. This particular soy sauce, marketed as ‘fresh’, keeps more of the flavour of the soy beans locked in by refraining from boiling them. This bottle has an ingenious inner pouch that prevents air bubbles gathering in the bottle so that your soy sauce stays fresher for longer. This soy sauce is made in Japan. Please keep out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.

Soy sauce is one of the most basic seasonings in Japanese cuisine, and it is utilised in almost every Japanese dish. Made from soy beans, wheat and alcohol, soy sauce is rich in salty and umami flavours and most commonly used as a dipping sauce for sashimi and sushi, or as a base in soup, sauce and noodle dishes.


    • Per 100g:
    • Energy: 418.61kJ/100kcal 
    • Fat: 0g (of which Saturates: 0g)
    • Carbohydrate: 12.67g (of which Sugars: 1g)
    • Protein: 10.67g
    • Salt: 16g