UNI is very delicate seafood. So we handle with great care. 

In light orange, perfectly shaped UNI you can find at market and restaurants are preserved with MYOBAN POWDER (Alum) that helps maintain the color and shape of sea urchin. But, it adds a bit of bitterness to it. Can the shape and color be preserved without MYOBAN powder? It is possible but results in very high price mark. 
What does SAKANAYA do? We request our UNI provider specifically to use a bare minimum amount of myoban powder. We don't get the perfectly shaped and creamy-orange colored UNI in wooden boxed, but you can expect even more freshness and the real and true flavor of UNI filling up your taste buds with pleasure! 

Enjoy the true flavor of UNI! 

Sea Urchin UNI
*Our UNI in fall season comes from Maine, and Spring uni is from Chile.