Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer on this page, please send us a message!

What shipping method do you use?

For Customers in VT, CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, and NY, we use UPS overnight shipping with flat rate $14.99). If you live outside of the above-mentioned states, we use FedEx overnight with variable shipping cost starting around $200 to deliver sushi/sashimi quality fish to your door. Does $200 feel like an insurmountable amount for you to pay yourself? Fear the climb no more and ask about our co-op shipping. Gather some friends and split the cost. With a group of friends, shipping can be as low as your friend count is high! We then send your shipment via Southwest Airlines, for quick and fresh delivery.

When is the latest I can place an order for overnight delivery?

Orders must be placed by 11 pm the day before your desired delivery date. An order for delivery on Friday must be placed by 11 am on Thursday. Please refer to our SHIPPING page to check when to place the order for your desired delivery date. 

Do you ship orders over the weekend?

Not usually. Any orders requested after Thursday at 11 am will not be delivered until the following Wednesday. We can accommodate Saturday shipping if absolutely needed, but shipping cost will be high. Please contact us in such case. 

How are the fish packed?

We vacuum seal and super-freeze your order. The FDA requires sashimi-grade fish to be super-frozen and then defrosted in order to be served raw. Super-frozen fish defrost during the shipment process and are delivered at peak freshness, ready to be served.

How long will fish last after the delivery date?

Any items you intend to eat raw should be eaten within 24hrs of delivery. Cooked products, however, can be safely kept in the fridge for up to 3 days.

My fish are still a little frozen, what should I do?

If your fish arrives frozen and you intend to eat it that same day place your fish in the fridge until 1hr before you intend to serve it. If you do not intend to eat your fish until the following day, keep your fish in the fridge and let it thaw overnight.

What is Super-Frozen fish?

Fish that have been frozen and brought down to -80 Fahrenheit. This is the same temperature as dry ice and according to the FDA is the temperature at which bacteria can no longer survive.

What is Co-op shipping?

Our way of making otherwise expensive shipping cost, affordable.
Matthew lives in Florida and he loves fresh sashimi, but the cost of shipping scared Matthew. However after gathering nine of his closest friends Matthew sent a message to Sakanaya, asking if there was anything that could be done. Sakanaya saved the day and provided a ‘code’ for Matthew’s super sushi team to use at check out. Once everyone on Matthew’s team placed their order using the secret code, Sakanaya combined their orders into one shipment and sent the invoice to Matthew. Thus Matthew’s cravings for sushi was satisfied.
Be like Matthew. Gather friends, contact us and satisfy your cravings for sushi.

Other questions?

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