Gather your friends and we’ll ship all the orders to ONE PLACE, with ONE DELIVERY charge!

What is Co-op shipping?

Two or more friends? One delivery charge!

Really big order? Delivery is free!


Co-op Shipping allows you and your friends, coworkers, family, to save money, save energy and have all the orders delivered to a single place where everyone can then pick up their boxes!


Here’s how it works.

  • Talk to your friends who might be interested.
    • Hint: use “refer friends” to collect points!
  • Contact us with the number of participants. We’ll issue a special code that you and your friends use to compile a co-op box. This way everyone can pay for only what they ordered!
  • As we prepare the box, we’ll send you the invoice for the shipping cost that you can split with your co-op group later.
  • We’ll pack orders from you and your friends to a single box and air-ship to your address.
  • You enjoy the sashimi grade seafood dinner at home!