Tour De Salmonidae
Tour De Salmonidae
Tour De Salmonidae

Tour De Salmonidae

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Do you like Salmon?


Which kind? Sockeye, King, Coho, Chum, etc.?

Which part? Belly, skin, collar, head, etc.?

Tons of choices!

Why not try the Tour De Salmonidae box! The box takes you on a tasteful tour of the different kinds of Salmonidae fish!


We buy quality seafood from markets all over the world. 
To accommodate with the ups and downs of the market, we set the price of our design boxes based on "fixed price with variable weight" model rather than fixed weight + variable price. 

Our target weight for a regular design box is 2lb, but it can go up/down. 

Please feel free to leave a note with your kinds/portion preference. More of rare items will result in less in weight, to maintain the fixed price. For example, 90% Toro and 10% Akami will be way less in portion than 90% Akami and 10% Toro box.