Mackerel -differences

Mackerel from New England(Atlantic Ocean)ヨーロピアン鯖 Mackerel from New Zealand(Pacific Ocean)

Interesting combination here in this picture, all are mackerels from different water. Two on top are from Atlantic Ocean (New England) and the bottom one is from Pacific Ocean (New Zealand). Both are in great quality, fresh enough for Sashimi after soaking in sea water for about 30min. Though, if you are used to Mackerel from Norway with lots of fat you may feel this too boring or plain. Well, this is the 'real' taste of mackerels actually. 

Pacific and Atlantic fish taste very different even the same kinds. It's most obvious with Bluefin Tuna. 

It'd be nice if there's a restaurant in Boston where customers can compare same kinds from different places. Gotta be difficult though...

Anyways, Southern Bluefin Tuna season started on 5/1 and Boston Wild Caught Bluefin season starts on 6/1!

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